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Dr. Menon’s Palliative Care is managed by an able and dynamic team lead by Dr (Mrs) Prasanna Sunil Menon.

The entire team thrives on and pursues one common goal, which is “Welfare of the senior citizens”: to keep seniors healthy and active for as long as possible; help them cherish every moment of their life. It is observed that globally & especially in developing countries like India, due to advances in medical field, the lifespan of senior citizens is increasing while on the other hand the younger adults around them are constantly facing day to day challenges in providing required care to their aging family members. Dr Menon’s Palliative Care seeks to address this gap with a highly trained team who passionately provide elder care services. The team aims to provide scientific and holistic healing to our senior family and friends & make it possible for the younger generation of the society to enjoy a stress free & guilt free  life, thereby maintaining perfect harmony in the family.
Dr. Prasanna Menon

Dr. Menon’s Palliative Care is operated by an able and dynamic team led by Dr (Mrs) Prasanna Sunil Menon

Natural surroundings

Our center is indeed blessed by nature. One can experience this blessing in abundance as our facility is situated amidst the serene lush green mountains

A Culture of Wellness

Dr. Menon believes in complete well-being which is a perfect blend of scientific and holistic healing. The fowler beds are placed in a manner that ensures

A Culture of Caring

Caring, sharing, compassion, and empathy are the pillars of the foundation on which our staff has been trained to offer selfless care to our patients.

Yoga, Meditations and Prayers

The energies of the body need to be aligned in such a manner that optimum results are manifested. Our body is a pandora’s box with a variety of life energies packed

Role of Ayurveda in Healing

The literal meaning of Ayurveda is “ Science of Life” It is a holistic science. As per ancient Ayurveda, the objective of this science is to maintain the health

Recreational Activities

Patients are encouraged to play Indoor games like board games, carrom board, and block building which improves cognitive behavior.

Dementia Care

Dementia could be mild, moderate, or severe, in some cases, aggressive and violent behavior is seen and this is very difficult to manage at home,

Palliative Care

As against geriatric care, this care specializes in giving active medical assistance to the special needs of a patient, especially those associated with age

Hospice Care

In certain terminally ill cases like in advanced stages of cancer, the pain and comfort need to be taken care of with permissible drugs and patches. At our center.

Geriatric Care

Senior citizens may require assistance and a supportive team who can cater to their special needs. They may or may not require medical assistance.

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of a patient recuperating from a chronic illness is of immense value however it is not advocated much for various reasons. These days rehabilitation

Role of homeopathy

Panelist Dr . Hemali Jariwala has helped our patients overcome the stress of dementia to a very great extent. our observation is.

Doctors on Panel

Dr . Vyankatesh Shivraj Bolegave
Dr.Richa Mathur
Dr. Richa Mathur:
Dr.Vidhya Kadam
Dr. Vidhya Kadam: Consultant Renal & Transplant Physician


Elder Care Services In Mumbai

Rules and Protocols

Relatives of the residents can visit them and spend quality time with them. Visiting hours are from 10 am to 6 pm with prior appointment, Guest will be issued a visitor pass which should be produced when asked
senior citizens Care Services


What the residents/patients get is a comfortable room with basic utilities, a clean bed, linen, towels, etc with Bed Tea/Coffee & three healthy, nutritious & easy to digest meals a day. Comfortable room with essential utilities, clean bed, linen, towels
Care For Old Age Person


At the time of admission, detailed counseling will be done with the family to understand the medical condition or the rehabilitation needs of the Resident. Dr. Prasanna Menon shall explain the whole process in detail and the resident and relatives can choose which type



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