Palliative care

As against geriatric care, this care specializes in giving active medical assistance to the special needs of a patient, especially those associated with age and chronic ailment.
For  example, a patient  recovering from stroke or coma may have a feeding tube or a catheter, a nonhealing bed sore, similarly a patient who has an extremely weak heart  and is not fit to undergo any diagnostic or therapeutic procedure, a patient who had a fall who needs conservative management, a post-surgical recovery phase,
a severe case of dementia, parkinsonism and Alzheimer’s, these patients require dedicated, uninterrupted medical guidance and attention.
Palliative care plays a very important role in neurology, cardiology, orthopedics,  accident cases, and psychiatry. These patients cannot be handled at home as palliative care is teamwork. The team comprises trained doctors, nurses, attendants, physio, music, and yoga therapists.