About Us

Dr. Menon’s Palliative Care is managed by an able and dynamic team lead by Dr (Mrs) Prasanna Sunil Menon.

The entire team thrives on and pursues one common goal, which is “Welfare of the senior citizens”: to keep seniors healthy and active for as long as possible; help them cherish every moment of their life.

It is observed that globally & especially in developing countries like India, due to advances in medical field, the lifespan of senior citizens is increasing while on the other hand the younger adults around them are constantly facing day to day challenges in providing required care to their aging family members.

Dr Menon’s Palliative Care seeks to address this gap with a highly trained team who passionately provide elder care services.

The team aims to provide scientific and holistic healing to our senior family and friends & make it possible for the younger generation of the society to enjoy a stress free & guilt free  life, thereby maintaining perfect harmony in the family.

Dr Prasanna Menon is primarily a consultant Gynaecologist and an Obstetrician practicing in  Thane, Ghodbunder Road for more than two decades. She is extremely passionate about  palliative and geriatric care.

Dr Menon is an undergraduate and postgraduate from LTMMC, Sion Medical college, Mumbai University and a visiting consultant to various hospitals in Thane, such as Jupiter Hospital, Kaushalya Medical Foundation, Hiranandani Hospital, Currae Gynaec hospital, and Horizon Prime Hospital.

Additionally, Dr Menon is the proprietor of Dr Menon’s Aditya polyclinic, a multispecialty clinic located in Happy Valley in Manpada,Thane and Dr Menon’s Palliative Care located in Ovala.

Thus, having experience in handling cases at both the initial and later stages of life, she  strongly believes that every departing soul deserves to feel the same happiness and joy that a baby experiences on their arrival into the world.

All the staff and caregivers at the centre are well trained, polite and dedicated to the care & well-being of the residents. Through a multi centric approach, this team works on all dimensions of life namely physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of every resident which defines a healthy life.

Dr. Menon’s favourite mantra is –
“I cannot add years to life, however I can add life to years for sure!”

The logo of our services Dr.menon Palliative Care carries extremely beautiful thoughts and feelings along with it. It represents

Heart (a center of love ),

Wings of a butterfly,

Waiting to fly (butterfly effect),

The colors green symbolizes (life and beauty as seen in nature and aqua blue symbolize extreme patience and compassion which are essential ingredients of Palliative Care).
Butterfly effect: It is a phenomenon, where in a minute localized change in a complex system can have a large impact elsewhere (WIN -WIN for all)

Goals and Objectives