Yoga, meditation, and prayers

Senior citizen care
The energies of the body need to be aligned in such a manner that optimum results are manifested. Our body is a pandora’s box with a variety of life energies packed within and there are ways and means to align them with tools inside and outside our body, a little mastery over this will enable each one of us to achieve not only good health but lead a very successful life irrespective of age, gender or any other variable .this is achieved through yoga, meditation, and prayers.

Yoga is not merely some form of exercise. At the physical level, it comprises various postures (Asanas) and at the mental and spiritual level, it comprises pranayama and meditation. Through yoga, one can attain perfect physical and mental well-being .it creates self-awareness and promotes healing. it can be adopted as a lifestyle by one and all and can be used to treat certain chronic ailments.