Well Wishers (Pillars of Strength)

Capt. Sunil Menon (MNM)

Master Mariner

Capt Sunil is a sailor by profession and has been at sea for the last 3 decades, the last 15 years of which   has been in command of Chemical and Oil Tankers.

In 2019 , Capt Sunil was awarded the Merchant navy medal of honor (MNM) by the UK govt for exceptional  leadership and professionalism demonstrated during the seizure of the the UK flagged vessel Stena Impero under his command  by Iranian Naval forces in the Straits of Hormuz.

Sunil supports projects which have a social cause.

An avid animal lover and biker. He loves to go on long rides when ever time permits .


Mr Aditya Sunil Menon

Aditya Menon is a web developer, designer and is currently a first year graduate student studying information Science at the University of Michigan. A former Computer Science graduate from Vellore Institute of Technology, Aditya is focusing on combining design methodologies with Software development to put the user at the heart of everything digital.

Aditya is avid animal lover and actively supports animal welfare

Mrs. Geeta Vasudevan

Geeta Vasudevan, an entrepreneur, a social worker and a trained teacher with more than 15 years of teaching experience. Converted a hobby into social work and is closely associated with Save Scrap and Sew  movement. Creating awareness to save landfill from cloth scraps and helping the needy with products made out of it. This also led to the formation of Sew A Gift and thus became  a partner.


Mrs. Priyamvada Prashant Bandiwadekar

Proprietor of Vanasampada Green Solutions Nursery and Landscaping firm.

  • Masters in Sanskrit Literature, Degree in Landscaping and gardening, a horticulturist, Faculty in VPM Bedekar college for Landscaping and designing course.
  • Trained around 3000+ participants on Organic vegetable garden, Microgreens, Medicinal.