Role of Ayurveda in healing

The literal meaning of Ayurveda is “ Science of Life” It is a  holistic science.
As per ancient Ayurveda, the objective of this science is to maintain the health of healthy individuals and also treat sick ones. Ayurveda has given special importance to the mind and its well-being. The input through our five sensory organs gives the body stability. For example, if a visual or auditory stimulus can disturb the mind and changes the vital parameters, in a similar way good music to the ears can calm a disturbed mind and restore the vitals to normal. This music therapy plays a vital role in the mental and emotional well-being of a patient, especially the neurological cases.
Dr. Kirti Tare and Dr. Shubham Kulkarni both our panelists help our patients through various detox therapy like panchakarma and herbs.
Panelist, Dr. Shubham Kulkarni has a vast knowledge of yoga and music therapy.  He conducts yoga, meditation, and music therapy for healing and relaxation.