Diagnostic Gadgets to be kept at Home

4 Gadgets that can be of significance for the well-being of seniors (Homecare):-

Pulse-oximeter, Glucometer, Digital Thermometer, BP monitor.


Vitals like pulse, BP, blood sugar, and oxygen saturation, along with symptoms, if notified to a clinician, he can decide on the admission of a patient, or to treat the patient at home. 

A child at home can be effectively trained to use these gadgets and he /she can be of immense help in an emergency while the parents are at the workplace thus involving them in senior care at home we can establish a healthy and meaningful relationship between the two generations.


Dr. Prasanna Menon


Consultant Gynaecologist & Obstetrician 

Geriatrician and Palliative care Specialist 


HP: +91 9820456085

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